80% of an AfME survey said the clinics were a good thing....


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I have seen a couple of e-mails recently - one in particular extolling the virtues of Professor Pinching from another one of his patients who now seems to idolise him - hardly an objective assessment then....


In sticking up for Professor Pinching and the "CFS/ME" "Fatigue" Clinics the correspondent cites a recent survey where 80% of attendees state that they were satisfied with the service provided to them.


And in the next breath the correspondent states.... this survey was published in no less than InterAction - the publication of Action for ME who as we know are bank-rolled by the Department of Health who have given them hundreds of thousands of pounds in grants to set up these clinics based on the AfME/Westcare model with the sole aim of dishing out mental health treatments and graded exercise and nothing more.


So my comment would be... well they would wouldn't they!


Of course they do not mention that they themselves or indeed Action for ME do not represent the whole ME community by far and they do not say if those attending these clinics accurately represent in any way shape or form those people who have the specific signs and symptoms of ICD10-G93.3 Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


The fact is that this 80% figure of individuals do not present to these “Fatigue” Clinics with the specific signs and symptoms of G93.3 Myalgic Encephalomyelitis so in effect these statistics are akin to the statistics used in TV commercials for things like pet food i.e.....


"8 out of 10 owners said their cats preferred it."


This is all a part of the propaganda we have come to expect from Action for ME and from its supporters...


AfME is the Government's Friend doing whatever the Government tells it to do in association with the MRC who are themselves overseen by Lord Sainsbury - a close friend of Tony Blair and the New Labour Project.


With regards to the New Labour Project, one of the biggest reforms of this Parliament is that of Benefit Reform.


Tony Blair announced in the House of Commons last year that there would be a drastic increase in the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and allied techniques (including exercise) to get people with stress, anxiety, depression and mental health problems on Incapacity Benefit off of their benefit and back to employment.


To anyone with ME this idea will seem very familiar thanks to the network of "CFS/ME" "Fatigue" Clinics who are using CBT and Graded Exercise to resolve what Somatoform Psychiatry believe to be medically unexplained symptoms (regardless of any evidence to the contrary) wrapped up in a Functional Somatoform Syndrome that includes what they refer to as CFS(ME).


Indeed looking further into the mire people reading this might also like to look at PRISMA Health and their "resolution programmes" to effectively treat and resolve conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome thus enabling patients to get off of benefits and back to work. Those who do not already know - Professor Simon Wessely is a medical advisor to this organisation.


See Also:




And as far as Professor Pinching goes..... he may well do a good job for the very few patients he sees personally but his patients are only a tiny minority.


The vast majority of "CFS/ME" patients are almost certainly seen by intentionally vague (but to the ignorant impressively sounding) “multidisciplinary teams” at "Fatigue" clinics set up using the Functional Psycho-Somatoform Disorder model and an ideology handed down to them by their puppet masters in the form of Wessely/Sharpe/White/Chalder et al.


As we have already seen here on MEActionUK - the majority of these clinics have people running them who do what they do based on their interests in Somatoform Psychiatry even if they are not psychiatrists themselves.


So as others have already said here - the vast majority will not get the kind of non-psychiatrically biased assessments that Professor Pinching gives his own minority.


The vast majority will be treated as though they have mental health disorders of which fatigue and non-specific pain are key treatable symptom using CBT and Graded Exercise Therapy.


And then there is the whole policy agenda of Action for ME.... of which Professor Pinching is allegedly it's Medical Director - a  pro-psychiatry agenda to the very core of its being with it's polices on best practice “treatments” firmly set by Wessely/Sharpe and White who repeatedly claim to their peers that "CFS/ME" is a psychiatric disorder identical to ICD-10 F48.0 Neurasthenia.


Those who know what is going on are fed up of those who are acting as apologists for Professor Pinching, Action for ME and these "Fatigue" Clinics - fatally flawed by their exclusive mental health agenda at the expense of any other treatment methodologies like those advocated by Dr Sarah Myhill (see link below),




Dr Kerr, Dr Gow, Dr Weir along with all the many other knowledgeable people including those working at ME Research UK, Professor Malcolm Hooper, Eileen Marshall, Margaret Williams and the many others who agree with them and see the whole CBT/GET “Fatigue” Clinics project as a total waste of money and time for the G93.3 ME community.


This whole project is quite clearly just a money making exercise for everyone involved in running these clinics for anyone suffering from idiopathic "Fatigue" as defined by Psychiatrists. What we see is also making heaps of cash for those like minded Psychiatrists running the ideologically flawed PACE and FINE trials as set up by the Medical Research Council and supported to the N’th degree by Action for ME and the Department of Health.


As Alex Fergusson MSP stated in the Scottish parliament debate just over a year ago now....




If the genetic work of Dr Gow and Dr Kerr was brought to fruition - all the steps currently being carried out i.e. the present agenda of "Fatigue" Clinics, CBT and GET..... would be completely unnecessary.


In my view it is for exactly this very reason that the Medical Research Council and Action for ME are declining to help fund any research that would make their whole project obsolete.


This is a sad and sorry mess that should be condemned by everyone who sees the bigger picture of what is going on and for what it really is.


Thus far sod all has been done of any substance to fundamentally change the lot of the genuine and long suffering ME community.


However, research will eventually make that change and to carry out the research needed – those doing the research need money and support.


So those who have the money and those who can give support have to put that money and that support where it is rightfully needed.


In my view change will only happen when the Soft Pseudo Science of Somatoform Psychiatry has its funding taken away.


Things will only really change when that funding is redirected to the hard science disciplines of medicine (all of whom you can find details of in this web site) who have already shown significant interests in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


Whilst a corrupt Medical Research Council controls who gets the money and when - nothing will change.


Whilst lobotomised ME charities such as Action for ME do nothing more than support the agenda set by Somatoform Psychiatry - nothing will change.


But having said that things will change in the very long term because although good biological and genetic research into ME is being deliberately starved of funding by the MRC and starved of any meaningful support by Action for ME, there is a small concerted trickle of funding and support from the independent sector that one day will make a fundamental difference for people with ME..


But how many more people will have died of complications due to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis before that day comes?




In my view - one death is already too many and in my view those who are propping up the present agenda all have blood on their hands.




Stephen Ralph DCR(R) Retired.