From: [] On Behalf Of Jane Bryant
Sent: 05 August 2009 15:45
Subject: [THEONECLICKPROTEST] Hooper Mouthpiece On 'Margaret Williams 2', Judicial Review

This item below is only for those following the Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines saga.

For all others, we suggest you move on. Ta.

We wrote to a One Click subscriber in relation to the title above;:

"Many thanks for your email and the expected response from Williams et al delivered via Hooper <grin>.

OC has checked this with its various friends and advisors who laughed like drains. We're not even touching this rubbish on One Click.

What else can these people now say?

Admit that they compromised the case with their very own work and have now been hung drawn and quartered in public by the court because of their malfeasance?

These are rhetorical questions.

On OC, we let the published documents, the court and our lawyers do our talking for us so effectively. Thanks for sending this over though."

I SO wanted to write a piece entitled "NICE Dildo Andrew Dillon Gets Place In Sun Thanks To 'Margaret Williams'" but really, One Click has behaved so legally well over the Judicial Review that it would be shame to spoil it now by asociating Margaret Williams any further with battery operated rubber toys.

Oh the temptation though ....

Jane x