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23 May 2005




Returning after a few days with my family I was greatly disturbed to find a large number of e-mails that indicated considerable controversy surrounding the use and distribution of the DVD of my talk to the Norfolk and District ME Association.  Whilst I was happy for the talk to be captured on video and circulated on a DVD I did not intend it to become an issue between different groups associated with the welfare and needs of people with ME particularly when friends and colleagues I have come to know through ME are being criticised. I do not wish the DVD to be associated with any specific group other than the Norfolk group that produced it. Neither do I wish the DVD to be used to foment disagreement, antagonism, and ill feeling between ME groups who need to pull together and support one another as fully as possible.


Although I have met Jane Bryant of One Click and given her advice I have no association with the One Click group.


I also wish it to be made known that I am a strong supporter of MERGE for which I am a scientific advisor and for whom I have the greatest respect. Vance Spence has done great service to the whole ME community by providing first class scientific information that supports the case for ME as an organic illness and in this he is ably supported by Neil Abbot to whom I am also extremely grateful for help and advice. They deserve the widest possible support by the whole ME community in their unique scientific work.