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At that time of the dramatic announcement that Ms Bryant's and Ms Kennedy's
children did not have ME after all but instead had Lyme Borreliosis, the announcement
was posted to the Yahoogroup run by Ms Bryant of the One Click Group.

For some reason this announcement has been removed from the Yahoogroup message board presumably
by the owner Ms Bryant.

However, the subsequent reactions to it are still available for those who

Reactions can be read from Denise Longman, John Sayer and a couple of
anonymous others.

Thankfully, the document announcing that Ben Bryant did not have ME but in
fact had been tested positive for Lyme Borreliosis is still available on
the One Click Group website and it is also now in our files archives for

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As per Professor Hooper's document published earlier..


On day two of the Judicial Review the One Click barrister from the Bar Pro
Bono Unit, Conrad Hallin, informed the High Court that Ben Bryant "was
diagnosed with ME and the condition is for him debilitating and he is
housebound" (Case No. CO/10408/2007, Official Transcript page 49 E, 12th
February 2009).


Lyme disease is classified by the World Health Organisation in the
International Classification of Diseases Volume 10 here...

Chapter I

Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

( A00-B99 )

Other spirochaetal diseases

Excludes: leptospirosis ( A27 - )

syphilis ( A50-A53 )

A69 other spirochaetal infections

A69.2 Lyme Disease ( Erythema chronicum migrans due to Borrelia burgdorferi )

This classification is completely different to that of ME, PCFS and CFS
which has been recognised by the World Health Organisation for decades here...

Chapter VI

Diseases of the Nervous System ( G00 - G99 )

G93 Other disorders of the brain

G93.3 Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Benign Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

And in the tabular Index to

G93.3 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Note the difference between G93.3 and A69.2 in the eyes of the law...




The One Click international pressure group founded in 2003 by Jane Bryant and Angela Kennedy was originally set up to assist sufferers of the neurological disease ME/CFS, classified as such by the World Health Organisation under ICD-10 G93.3, because our children had been diagnosed with this illness.

It has now been found that our children have borrelia spirochaetes - chronic Borreliosis. For information on the chronic Borreliosis issue, see here:

Lyme disease: ancient engine of an unrecognised borreliosis pandemic

NHS National Library for Health - Diagnosing Lyme disease ( Note to Bryant - this link no longer works Ed. )

NHS Choices

Our children were originally misdiagnosed and have suffered greatly and needlessly for years. If our children had been properly diagnosed and treated appropriately at the beginning of their illness, things would have been very different for them and for us. Borreliosis is treatable. However, if the infection is allowed to proliferate unchecked and untreated for many years as is the case with our children, the treatment road is hard. The symptoms of chronic Borreliosis and ME/CFS are to all intents and purposes, the same.

The fact that our children have chronic Borreliosis means that they are excluded from being labelled and diagnosed as ME/CFS sufferers by the exclusion clauses of all the ME/CFS criteria currently in use, including the Oxford, Fukuda/CDC and Canadian criteria that prevent an ME/CFS diagnosis if a chronic infection is present.

Any sensible reader will know that the situation is far more complex than this and we will therefore continue, where appropriate, to advocate for all groups of people with organic disease adversely affected by the psychiatric paradigm conducted by psychiatrist Simon Wessely et al.

We would recommend that anybody interested in the issue of Borreliosis should visit the EuroLyme group at

In light of this new chronic Borreliosis diagnosis in relation to our children, the One Click international pressure group will now widen its remit and will provide opposition to the psychiatric paradigm for patients suffering from diseases such as Gulf War Syndrome, Lyme disease/Borreliosis and ME/CFS. We will continue to carry breaking news, information and archive resources on these issues.

Jane Bryant & Angela Kennedy
The One Click Group

Sun, February 5th, 2006. 08:32 pm