note that these lists are merely illustrative and do not reflect the totality of the available medical reference papers

NB. The reference papers on CFS / ME overlap considerably. They are broadly categorised into the following sections for ease of pagination only and it is necessary to be familiar with all sections.

The sections listed here are as follows:

Notes on Medical Reference Papers on CFS / ME

Historical Papers on CFS / ME (1955 -1991)

General Papers on CFS/ME (1990 -1994)

Laboratory Findings in CFS / ME

Neurological Factors in CFS / ME

Evidence of Demyelination & Cerebral Oedema in CFS / ME

Quality of Life in CFS / ME

Respiratory Problems in CFS / ME

Neuroendocrine Factors in CFS / ME

Severity & Chronicity in CFS / ME

Virological Aspects of CFS / ME

Stress Enhances Susceptibility to Infection (especially to CBV)

Stress as a Precipitating Factor of CFS / ME

Liver Involvement in CFS / ME

Immunological Abnormalities in CFS / ME

Hair Loss in CFS / ME

Vascular Problems in CFS / ME

Cardiac Problems in CFS / ME

Ocular problems in CFS / ME

Cognitive Dysfunction in CFS / ME

Nuclear Medicine Findings in CFS / ME

Useful Psychological Papers on CFS / ME


(i) illustrative extracts on the existence & prevalence of allergies in CFS
ME from various other sections (1970 ~>)
(ii) illustrations of books (as distinct from medical papers) which
specifically refer to allergies being part of CFS / ME
(iii) allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) in CFS / ME
(iv) papers from The American Trial Lawyers' Association on MCS

Problems with Anaesthesia in CFS / ME

Notes on Similarities & Differences between Fibromyalgia & CFS / ME

Examples of Medical Misdiagnosis (Medical Misperception) whereby organic illnesses were initially decreed to be Psychiatric, em. Diabetes, Graves'Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis

Further References and abstracts can be found here

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