Elena Garralda writes in her article... Somatization and somatoform disorders


"Chronic fatigue syndrome — known as `neurasthenia' in ICD-10"

Dear Reader,

I wonder how much longer people like Elena Garralda will carry on lying to her readers?

As we know and just for the record yet again Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not synonymous with Neurasthenia in ICD-10 and is in fact listed separately under G93.3 - a neurological classification in the index of ICD-10 specifically linked to Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

See the extracts from ICD-10 for proof of this fact.



These are not therefore somatoform disorders as described at all by Ms Garralda or indeed her colleague Simon Wessely but diseases of the nervous system... a fundamental and significant difference.

It's obvious however that the Somatoform Disorder clique that includes Elena Garralda, Simon Wessely, Michael Sharpe and Peter White have cognitive issues of their own perhaps reinforced by their shared belief system and subsequently due to this problem they are unable to comprehend the basic facts possibly because they are all somatoform psychiatrists and not neurologists.

A condition defined by psychiatrists called "Chronic Fatigue" or persistent tiredness without any known cause is listed under a separate mental health code F48.0 - in the same diagnostic F section as Neurasthenia and therefore these conditions are different entities and not the same according to ICD-10.

The mental health code of F48.0 is different to the neurological disease code of G93.3 and The World Health Organisation have stated quite clearly that medical conditions cannot be "dual-classified" just to confirm this issue.


It is interesting that doctors outside of the goldfish bowl of psychiatry by and large understand subtle yet significant differences in nomenclature.

Yet as is repeatedly demonstrated by Simon Wessely and by his colleague Elena Garralda along with their like minded colleagues mentioned above, they cannot differentiate between a state of persistent tiredness called Chronic Fatigue as a distinct medical entity by itself on hand and a syndrome of which fatigue of a chronic nature is just one of many other symptoms that when added together define a different medical syndrome set apart from "chronic fatigue" i.e. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And for the record - in 1990 The Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA published a notice specifying that Chronic Fatigue (CF) is not the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and they stated that CFS must not be confused wth CF.

The World Health Organisation recognised this over 10 years ago and this is why ICD-10 lists these conditions separately under different codes - a fact that Garralda and Wessely along with their colleagues persistently ignore and lie about to pursue their own Somatoform disordered agenda.

I wonder how many of us have wondered why these people all obsessed with somatoform disorders - are also so obsessed in misrepresenting significant facts for their own career ends?

Perhaps one day we will find out why and one day these people will indeed be struck off the medical register for all the harm their faulty illness beliefs have caused the patients they inflict their beliefs on.....


Stephen Ralph DCR(R) (Founder of MEActionUK)