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Denigration by Design II


Coercion as Cure?


The Defiance of Science

Malcolm Hooper and Margaret Williams


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Engaging with ME

Professor Malcolm Hooper

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Scottish Parliament Debate

A Cure for ME

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What is ME? What is CFS?


The Gibson Parliamentary Enquiry


Turning the Tide


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A Hypothesis on the Aetiology of ME


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Welcome to MEActionUK

10 Downing Street ME Petition

12th  November 2012

Professor Simon Wessely’s award of the inaugural John Maddox Prize for his courage in the field of ME and Gulf War Syndrome

Professor Malcolm Hooper (with members of the ME community)


Malingering and Illness Decception

Peter W. Halligan,

Christopher Bass


David A. Oakley



Thursday 8th October 2009

Breaking News

Scientific Research Breakthrough

Retrovirus XMRV significantly linked to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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May 3rd 2008

The Sophia Mirza Archive

Compiled by her mother, Criona Wilson.

The life and early death of a severely affected ME patient.


The Inquest into the Death of Sophia Mirza

Today, 13th June 2006, the inquest into the death of Sophia Mirza was held in Brighton Coroners Court, England.

The cause of death was stated as

'acute renal failure as a result of CFS'

Two pathologists could not agree which name to use - CFS, ME or ME/CFS.

In the end it was stated that CFS is a modern word for ME.

This is why CFS was used on the death certificate.

The pathologist also said -

'ME describes inflammation of the spinal chord and muscles. My work supports the inflammation theory. There was inflammation in the basal root ganglia.'

For more information please visit the Invest In ME Web site by clicking here.

To watch a Meridian TV Interview with Sophia's mother Criona Wilson click here.

To read Sophia's story from Criona Wilson click here.

16th June 2006

Inquest Implications?

Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams


13th September 2010 - This Week in Virology - Episode 98 - MLV and XMRV - .mp3 6Mb


MEActionUK has many functions.

Firstly we are a discussion group or "chat room" open for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in the many issues surrounding the multi system impairing illness of neurological origin known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are all recognised as Neurological diseases by the World Health Organisation. See here and here for excerpts of ICD-10 that show the relevant entries for ME/PVFS and CFS.

MEActionUK is also an information resource.

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Campaigning for Research into 
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The Pace Trial did not go unchallenged for 5 years

The UK Rituximab trial for ME












Articles on ME/CFS by Margaret Williams and Professor Malcolm Hooper
1986 to 2016
With contributions from Eileen Marshall (1994 to 2007) and others


Sensationalism v Science

Responce to the Sunday Times

Wessely says he is misunderstood

Science and Psychiatry 22.07.11

Corporate Collusion?

Comment on the NICE Guidelines

Klimas,  Wessely and NICE:  Redefining CBT?


Wessely Woodstock and Warfare

ME Judgements

Dx Revision Watch

Magical Medicine

The Secret MRC Files on ME

Prejudice-based Medicine? Reasons for Judicial Review of the NICE Guideline on “CFS/ME”

Deliberate Deceit or Inexcusable Ignorance?

Essential investigations for people with ME/CFS?

Wessely’s Way:  Rhetoric or Reason?

Whiter than white?