Reform of the Mental Health Act

Part extracts from: Mind-Control Drug Threat for Children

By Anthony Browne, Health Editor, The Observer, 27.2.2000

An article entitled 'Mind-Control Drug Threat for Children', subtitled 'Doctors could soon prescribe behaviour-controlling chemicals to pre-teens against their parents' wishes', alerted us to the above Green Paper.

The Observer article focuses primarily on children, especially those whose behaviour problems have increasingly been controlled by a drug called RITALIN, which is frequently used on children suffering from alleged Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is reported that the number of prescriptions for this drug have shot up from 3,500 in 1993 to 126,500 in 1998. Significantly for many people (including those suffering from ME/CFS and those suffering from what psychiatrists like to call 'ill-defined syndromes' - see details on MCS, p23):

Under the present legislation, people can only be given treatment against their will if they show 'seriously irresponsible or abnormally aggressive behaviour'. However, the reformed legislation would do away with that safeguard.

This paper was out for consultation until the end of March 2000, so now matter how quick you are now, you're too late.

Source: The Environmental Medicine Foundation newsletter, March 2000.

Suggestion : let your MP know what you think of this.

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