Gurli Bagnall
7 April, 2006

During the 1980s and early ‘90s,  Norway conducted an experimental meningococcal vaccine trial on and teenagers and young men in military service.  According to a New Zealand Ministry of Health press release in July 2001, the total number taking part in that trial was 225,000.
Pertinent to the ME community, is the case of a young woman from that group who was recently awarded compensation  of 1.5 million Norwegian krona in regard to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which was triggered by the vaccine.
The Norwegian ME Association already had 19 members with  a similar history, and after a TV documentary in January, 2006, that group quickly grew to 91 with the expectation of burgeoning numbers as others become aware of the reason for their long-standing and unexplained illnesses.
Wherever they might live, the stories which emerged are not new to ME sufferers. In an e/mail dated 2 March, 2006, a member of the Norwegian ME Association stated that there were “horrific stories about abuse, treatments with antidepressants, one in a psychiatric institution (and still there, totally doped with medications), tremendous allergies…Stories about lost schooling, lost lives…The stories were so strong.  Some were hospitalised very soon after they received the vaccination and questioned the vaccine, but all questions were ignored.”

Indisputable is the fact that, despite the hype about progress and the marvels of modern medicine, little has changed in the last two hundred years. "Before I entered an insane asylum and learned its hidden life from the standpoint of the patient, I had not supposed that the inmates were outlaws, in the sense that the law did not protect them in any of their inalienable rights. (Elizabeth Packard, 1816-1897)
The vaccine was never produced for general use and the explanation offered in an e/mail dated 20 March, 2006,  by Hanne Nøkleby, Division Director, Division of Infectious Disease Control, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, read:  “…we had at that time no acceptable facility for production….During those years the meningococcal outbreak in Norway waned…[and] during the later years, the number of cases has fallen even more.” As a reason for not gaining official approval for the vaccine, this was not convincing.

We have good cause for concern here in New Zealand for despite the above,  the authorities are aggressively pushing for a nation wide vaccination programme.  Indeed it is well under way and once again, it is children who are the initial target.

In a press release published in Scoop on14 October, 2004,  Jon Eisen refered to the N.Z. Ministry of Health “Immunisation Handbook 2002”.  While it was never made known publicly, this book actually admitted that the Norwegian parent vaccine from which New Zealand meningococcal vaccine was derived and which has been used to justify claims of safety and efficacy, was never released in Norway. Scientists rejected it on the grounds that it was only marginally effective and that the meningitis epidemic in Norway had tapered off without the vaccine.  
We are in fact, in a similar situation in New Zealand.  According to Eisen: “In the last 10 years 70,000 people have died from cancer. 60,000 have died from heart disease and 15,000 people have died from ‘preventable medical injury’.  In that time 150 people have died from meningococcal B disease.
“In any event, the number of deaths has decreased in the last three years by 75% and the number of cases declined by 50%.  This is prior to the introduction of the vaccine. The reasons for this decline have not been explained by the MoH.”

It is worthy of note, that according to these figures, for every death due to meningococcal B disease, one hundred have died (and continue to do so) due to preventable medical error.  That alone is enough to make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up and cause any thinking person to query the ethics behind the determined drive for mass vaccinations.   
Typically, concerns about these issues are dismissed as the irrational blathering of conspiracy theorists and the official  scare mongering machine has been cranked up a notch or two. Children are being pressured at school and occasionally one hears stories of a child coming home in the afternoon,  distressed and begging to be allowed to have the jab.  Parents are made to feel guilty and neglectful if they refuse.
We now know that: “…the government has committed an unprecedented 200 million taxpayer dollars to a mass vaccination experiment of 1.15 million New Zealand children with an untested and experimental vaccine.  Despite being reassured by a bevy of pro-vaccine and vaccine manufacturer sponsored experts and none-less than the Minister of Health herself that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine is thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and effective, we reveal that Chiron’s MeNZB(tm)vaccine  was never used in the trials used to approve its license. We reveal that despite assurances, there is no evidence that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine will actually work as promised.
“We believe that the magnitude of policy, regulatory and scientific misconduct is such that not only should vaccination with this vaccine be halted forthwith, but that the meningococcal vaccination program should be independently audited and the circumstances surrounding the development and implementation of the program subjected to a full Royal Commission of  Inquiry.”
(Scoop.  Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush.  Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law.)
The situation is not new.  Ask anyone who has survived the traumas imposed by psychiatric drugs   -  whether or not they were appropriately prescribed.  Ask anyone who suffers from the Gulf War Syndrome.

After twelve years of research into the ill health of a large percentage of Australian veterans from the Korean War to the present day conflict in the Middle East, Colonel Allan E. Limburg, CVO, (Retd.), refers to the epidemic as the Chemical Plague.

The term could not be more apt for, whether a plague is caused by an infectious agent or a chemical, the end result is the same.  Those affected, suffer severe illness and often die.  Those who don’t die,  sometimes wish they could.
Plagues of the bacterial and viral variety are spread by parasites that feed on infected vermin. Where chemicals are concerned, the vermin and parasites are no less real than the  fleas and rats that dispensed  the bubonic plague. The only difference is that fleas and rats do not and cannot consciously make a choice to destroy.  The  parasites and vermin associated with the Chemical Plague, can and do.  
Biochemical warfare as practiced by those we regard as our enemies,  is reviled by our democratic governments, yet behind the scenes, our own expertise in this field is superior and ready to go whenever the red button is pushed.   Furthermore, our own governments are no more fussy about their choice of guinea pigs than nations ruled by dictators.
Whether we are at war or at peace, within our own communities innocent citizens  - from new born babies to the oldest members of society  -  are, at the behest of multinational corporations, targeted by medical, political and military authorities.   Our countries  are seen as massive laboratories where we, the subjects,  are used and abused as profits dictate.
The most powerful man on earth,  US  President, George W. Bush,  refers to Islamic terrorism as the axis of evil but is there any real difference between “them and us”? The Idi Amins and Saddam Husseins of this world do not belong exclusively to Uganda and Iraq.  We have the misfortune of having our very own monsters living amongst us.
The first step in dealing with any plague, is to eradicate the vermin and by extension, the parasites.  Where the Chemical Plague is concerned,  the question is, do our hijacked democracies still have sufficient teeth for the task?